Creative Journaling for Girlz – Journal Buddies

Journal Buddies by Jill Schoenberg

A Girl’s Journal for Sharing and Celebrating Magnificence

The ShoeString Girlz used this journal for the month of August and as sisters we learned a lot about each other. Who we are individually and as sisters, our likes and dislikes and how we as sisters can do things together to make our relationship much better.  We also wrote about different friends once a week in our journal to compare some of their traits to our own. It was very interesting, just observing things that we didn’t before.

Each day we made an entry as Ms. Schoenberg has it laid out in the book to list 3 qualities, traits or talents about your buddy’s loves, likes or enjoys about you and vice versa.

What helped us through the process are the Journaling ideas that were at the beginning of the book and the focus words for each day. Having those tools made us think and be more creative with our daily writing.

We both love music and fashion so we played dress up and took pictures to write about some fashion tips. It was fun dressing up in our mother’s clothes and shoes creating our own fashion show. We also wrote about some of our new music that we recorded and some ideas for new songs.  We even did some simple cooking and make some home-made ice cream in the bag.

This was a very handy Journal which helped us learn more about each other as sisters, more about our friends and it brought out some creative energy to do and try some different ways of thinking and writing.

The ShoeString Girlz would recommend this book to other Girlz and Boyz just learn more about themselves, siblings and friends.

Great job Ms. Schoenberg. To learn more or to get your copy visit: for more details.

ShoeString Girlz (Miss Aj & T.Luv)……. 🙂

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